Rabu, 06 April 2011

In the village in Kalibu there once lived a man who had a bad temper. He was known as a Daedog, which mean thunder. His wife, on the other hand, was kind and gentle. They had a daughter, Aganhon. She was as lovely as the dawn.
Years passed by and Aganhon grew lovelier. Men from far and nearby places came to ask for her love. Among them was Maeopig. He had an uncontrollable temper, but Daedog chose him to be Aganhon's husband.
Maeopig the bridegroom was very happy but the girl was not. She locked herself in her room. Even her mother, Mabuot, cried to soften her husband's heart.
A big crowd attended the wedding feast and there was a lot of joy, but the bride was nowhere to be seen. She was not in the house. They looked for the girl around the village but it was useless. Later, her lifeless body was found near a spring, a dagger thrust into her heart. Daedog was very sad.
The next day, Aganhon appeared to her father's dream, and said there will be a tree growing in the grave as the remembrance.
The next morning, the sad parents visited their daughter's grave. They found a huge tree full of heart-shaped fruit. The fruit were sweet and aromatic like Aganhon, the helpless girl. Since then, the fruit has been known as the mango. (taken from UNUlangBahasaInggrisP162009/2010)

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